After considering a number of tropical destinations to commemorate their union, Mariko and Rob decided to have the Bali Hai Golf Club located on the Las Vegas Strip host their wedding on April 17th, 2011.  Their reception was situated on-site within the world-class Balinese themed restaurant called Cili.  The couple absolutely loved that they found a tropical paradise with a Vegas price-tag rather than an exotically enhanced one; the location was convenient for all of their guests; and they were most impressed with the chef, catering, and wait staff and the DJ services provided.

Mariko and Rob reported that practically everything about their dealings with Bali Hai were nearly seamless aside from one serious hiccup that happened day-of – and was not the fault of Bali Hai…  Part one to the hitch was that the photographer who was hired to shoot their wedding was ill and did not notify the bride to let her know that he would not be coming himself; that a replacement was coming instead.  D’oh!  Part two was that the substitute reportedly did not seem to know what he was doing and generated unacceptable photographs after making the eager bride wait for awe-inspiring images of her most special moments with her new hubby.  Really big d’oh!  How disappointing and frustrating >.<

Fortunately for the newlyweds, they are constantly travelling due to his career as a pilot and hers as a flight attendant.  They elected to revisit the spot where they said “I do” for a wedding-day-do-over with Ella in celebration of their one-year anniversary and we’re all so glad!  Ella captured some truly stunning shots of Mariko and Rob who are clearly passionately in love and enjoy each other tremendously when they are able to “meet in the middle” around their flighty schedules.


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