Bridal Spectacular photo shoot with Kristina

We are excited to share some of our photos we did for the Spectacular Bride Magazine shoot out. Every year wedding vendors all around Las Vegas team up to create stunning wedding images for the Spectacular bride magazine and off course everyone hopes to get the cover by doing these photos. We had a wonderful time with some amazing vendors. We want to give them a big thank you.

“It is the team that makes the dream” –  Tory L Cooper


White Henna bridal photo-shoot | Ella Gagiano Photography

I love doing creative photo shoots this time of the year. Finally the wedding season ended and I have time to just play. I was so honored to do this photoshoot for Chetna Sutaria. She is an amazing henna artist here in Las Vegas and I loved the idea of the white henna. It is something that is becoming super popular with non-traditional brides and I could not wait to photograph the gorgeous Denise with these beautiful designs.