I LOVE shooting bridal fashion and it is always amazing to work with other wedding vendors. This is our second photoshoot for Something Blue bridal accessories.

They are an amazing company that offers stunning bridal jewelry and other accessories for your wedding day. All of their products are made with quality materials and are adorned with beautiful embellishments such as Swarovski crystals, glass point back rhinestones and freshwater pearls.

Models: Jamillette Gaxiola and Chelsea Dawn

Make up: Amelia C & Co

www.ellagagiano.com_0307 www.ellagagiano.com_0306 www.ellagagiano.com_0310 www.ellagagiano.com_0309 www.ellagagiano.com_0308 www.ellagagiano.com_0311 www.ellagagiano.com_0312 www.ellagagiano.com_0313 www.ellagagiano.com_0314 www.ellagagiano.com_0315 www.ellagagiano.com_0316 www.ellagagiano.com_0317 www.ellagagiano.com_0318 www.ellagagiano.com_0319 www.ellagagiano.com_0320 www.ellagagiano.com_0321 www.ellagagiano.com_0323 www.ellagagiano.com_0324 www.ellagagiano.com_0325 www.ellagagiano.com_0326 www.ellagagiano.com_0327 www.ellagagiano.com_0328 www.ellagagiano.com_0329 www.ellagagiano.com_0330

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