International Award Winning Photographer

Hi my name is Ella and I am originally form South Africa. I moved to the USA 7 years ago and loved this amazing country I now call home.

I have a passion for people and love telling their stories. Everyone of us have a story worth telling. To me photography is priceless and the only way to precerve our memories not just for us but the next generation.

Wedding are one of my favorites! I love the get together of all the friends and family to celebrate the special wedding day of those they love. For that one day I feel part of your family and will photograph you though the eyes of your loved ones. Live is so short, so lets cherish our love ones. Love is all we have and LOVE is the reason for living!

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My Passion is photographing Couples in LOVE!

To capture the memory of true love for a lifetime is what inspires and brings joy to my life…

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